While 7-Eleven is well known for its Slurpees, an area they desperately wanted to own was the ever-growing energy drink market. We were tasked with finding a way to push the products within the digital and social realms.

That's where the Big Energy Stunt Squad comes in. We created a campaign that asked consumers to submit stunts they would pull off if they had the extra energy. We housed it all on; there, people could enter their stunt ideas, check out the bios of the stuntmen, see other submissions, view the making-of and final stunt videos and (of course) see the selection of energy supplements 7-Eleven carried. We then hired stunt people, drivers and riders to fulfill winning submissions- all in the name of 7-Eleven Big Energy.

Along side traditional web media (web banners, pre-roll, etc.), we utilized Twitter and Facebook to get the word out as well. The end result were sales well above their projected goals, as well as increased brand awareness and recognition thanks to sites like Buzzfeed, Hart and Huntington and various blog sites picking up what we were putting out there.