The Lakewood Brewing Company is a startup microbrewery in the Dallas area that had a logo but was in need of a brand look and feel, starting with its packaging. Once a warehouse was secured they came to us in hopes of help; a group we happily brought on as a pro bono client.

I was in charge of the packaging for the limited release beers that would be created in short batches. I went about creating a look that could feel regal in one hand, but approachable in the other. 

The 22 oz. bombers were wrapped in black with a distinct metallic color assigned to each beer/run to make it both stand out on its own and work within a continuing series. I created a pattern based on woodgrain to visually tie in the Lakewood name, nod toward a western feel and to work as a textural background element. A pseudo-crest was designed to emphasis the blending of Belgian (the lion) and Texan (the mustang) influences that encased a badge proclaiming the name and style of the beer.

I then carried it all over into the six packs which utilized a simplified version of the badge and a flip-flopping of the color scheme, but carried the same overtones as the 22 oz. version.

The look was successful enough to move many of the layout elements over into the year-round series look - something that wasn't intended, but definitely welcomed.