A new marketing direction required a completely new look for Hawker Beechcraft. The latest product brochures needed to showcase each individual aircraft’s strengths while working cohesively with a family of five other newly-developed brochures.

The end product was a series that pushed the entire family of Hawker aircraft further than ever before, and, proved that through collaboration within our creative group the sum could become greater than just our individual efforts. Not only a great portfolio piece — a testament to the power of teamwork.

Jajo needed an invite to announce its open house after a recent addition to their existing work space. They wanted something not only inventive, but memorable too.

In keeping with the house idea, we went about creating a house structure that could mail flat but would expand itself once out of the envelope. We used the company colors in metallics as well as a an embossed roof decked out with custom icons for visual appeal. The detachable chimney doubled as a RSVP card and a pull tab (while in the envelope) and by peering through the front window one could get the invitation details. 

The three-dimensional aspect kept the invite on desks rather than in stacks of mail, and rubber bands inside not only popped it into its 3-D shape but the tension also kept it from folding-in on itself. Result: More in attendance than the office could hold, and a multitude of awards for their new bookshelves.


Delta Dental of Kansas was in need of an annual report for their financial numbers as well as a brochure that reinforced their dedication to their clients and their employees.

The concept decided upon was a “we believe” theme that was employed throughout the copy and headlines of each spread as well as a piece of floss that acted as a path through the mini-stories, tying all of the beliefs together.